SEGRO lettings in Greenford

Units 5 & 6 Greenford Park, Greenford, UB6 0AZ have been let.

Unit 5 (16,675 sq ft) has been let to High Point Global Solutions Limited for a term of 10 years and Unit 6 (10,788 sq ft) has been let to Evonik Membrane Extraction Technology on a 10 year lease .

At Metropolitan Park, Greenford, UB6 8UJ leases at Units 43 and 46  have also recently completed. Unit 43 has been let to SSE Services Plc on a 3 year lease. The unit was 8,817 sq ft. Unit 46, 3,001 sq ft was let to Eurocell Building Plastics for a term of 5 years.

For any further questions, please contact Michael Haines.

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