Petition for Empty Property Rates Change

The London Rating Network which is made up of a wide selection of specialists in business rates in both public and private sectors has created on online petition to lobby the Government to remove the unfair Empty Property Rates (EPR) threshold from £2,600.00 Rateable Value (RV) and reinstate the £18,000.00 RV threshold under which EPR are not payable for a minimum period of two years. <br/>

It is their belief that this will offer a level of certainty to investors, encourage property development and revitalise local communities. It will stimulate SME growth and generate new employment opportunities. The London Rating Network believes Government should recognise the devastating effect EPR has had on the whole property industry and raise the issue of EPR by way of debate.

Fiona Shorey of dohertybaines is a member of the London Rating Network and is supporting this petition. If you agree then please sign the petition at 

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