Why Stevenage Could Make the Ideal Location to Rent a Warehouse

If you are seeking a warehouse to rent in the county of Hertfordshire, here’s why Stevenage could make the ideal location.


We’ve already explored what every business should consider when sourcing a commercial warehouse for rent, and one of the key factors we uncovered was location. If you are seeking a warehouse to rent in the county of Hertfordshire, here’s why Stevenage could make the ideal location.

Where is Stevenage?

Stevenage is a town and borough in the county of Hertfordshire, which is 28 miles north of London.

Well-known for being designated the first ever ‘new town’ in the United Kingdom in 1946, Stevenage has a recorded population of just over 87,000.

Located at the heart of the country’s motorway network, Stevenage has excellent transport links with London as well as the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Situated between Junctions 7 and 8 of the A1(M), connections to the north of the country and the east coast ports are excellent.

London can be reached within just 20 minutes by road and the ports of Harwich in 1 hour 40 minutes and Felixstowe in 1 hour 50 minutes. Luton Airport is a short 20-minute drive; Stansted just 40 minutes and Heathrow Airport is achievable within an hour.

By rail, Stevenage connects to St Pancras International in London in less than 20 minutes. Situated on the East Coast London to Edinburgh railway, there are direct services to London, Cambridge, Peterborough, Leeds, York and Glasgow Central.

So, if you are seeking the ideal location for your warehouse to rent Stevenage clearly offers the top-class transport and supply chain links you need, whether your business has a regional, national or international reach.

Business in Stevenage

Stevenage is known for its diverse and vibrant business community. From fast-growing technology start-ups to electronics, engineering, aerospace, IT, financial services and pharmaceuticals, there is a wide variety of industry here supported by a highly skilled and well-educated workforce.

Major organisations and employers in Stevenage include John Lewis, Glaxo SmithKline, Fujitsu, BAE Systems, Airbus Defence & Space, Norwich Union, Tesco ad Initial Cleaning Services. Seven miles south of Stevenage is the business facing University of Hertfordshire.

The major business districts in Stevenage take in the Meadway Technology Park, Pin Green Business Estate, Arlington Business Park and Gunnels Wood Business Area.

Stevenage is home to the leading Enterprise Agency in Hertfordshire. In the heart of the business district is situated the Business & Technology Centre (BTC) which provides advice to new and existing businesses. Located at the BTC, Wenta provides advice, support and training to ensure businesses have all they need to succeed and grow.

Stevenage Borough Council provides business advice through its various departments including the Economic Development team.

Life in Stevenage

Stevenage offers a fantastic quality of life in an economically robust and green environment.

Even better, subject to final approval, the next two decades will see an investment of £1 billion into the future of the town. New housing will be at the heart of the regeneration scheme, with commercial enterprises also benefiting from the conversion of empty retail units into flexible office spaces, as well as restaurants, bars and residential flats.

Not only will Stevenage receive a host of new leisure facilities, it will also be the subject of a bright new architectural redesign. At Queensway North, redevelopment will see all the store fronts revitalised and the street generally improved, plus a new 24-hour gym added.

Stevenage already has plenty to offer in the shape of popular attractions. Knebworth House Gardens sprawl across 28 acres, with stunning formal gardens landscaped around a ‘room’ theme. Admission to the park includes entrance to the historic Deer Park and adventure playground. Knebworth House itself is a Gothic-styled property with visit-worthy features including the Jacobean Banqueting Hall and the Gothic State Drawing Room.

Any business looking to rent a warehouse in Stevenage will of course look at what the town has to offer from a social point of view, and this is a town that offers much, not least the fact that it could potentially prove attractive for staff looking to locate nearby so as to cut down their daily commute. 

Warehouse to Rent Stevenage

If you’re looking for a warehouse to rent Stevenage really does have a great deal to offer in so many respects.

DohertyBaines is renowned expert in commercial warehousing for rent. Our specialists offer in-depth knowledge combined with long term experience, all of which is ready and waiting for you to tap into.

If you are seeking commercial warehousing for rent in the Hertfordshire area, Stevenage could well prove a lucrative move for your business, and very attractive for your workforce. For fully tailored advice, you are welcome to contact our dedicated team on 020 7355 3033.

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